"If a government cannot prove the honesty and accuracy of the elections by which they claim authority over the people, then the people are neither legally nor morally obligated to obey that government's dictates nor to pay its bills nor to send their children to die in that government's wars, and may with full moral justification resist with lethal force efforts to coerce said dictatorship, looting, and conscription." -- Michael Rivero

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COVID-19 is not responsible for the "explosion" in heart deaths, a major autopsy study has shown, leading a top heart specialist to pinpoint the vaccines as the "only new proven cause of heart damage".
Posted on: Mar 30 15:11
The collectivist Net Zero political project is starting to come apart before our very eyes. Making everyone poor, cold, hungry and confined to small living territories was always a tall political ask.
Posted on: Mar 30 15:09
A key vote for Net Zero CO2 emissions by 2030 in Berlin has failed to reach the turnout threshold to be deemed valid, with just 18% turning out to vote in favour, in a major setback for activists.
Posted on: Mar 30 15:07
In a bid to reach net zero goals, households are set to be penalised if they don’t switch from gas in a brand new rule to be announced today. Speaking on Wednesday, Grant Shapps, secretary of state for energy security and net zero, commented on the new proposal. He said: “If we want people to switch to an electricity-based economy, it would be better if [levies] were shifted onto the gas side of things. “It automatically makes the economics of an electric-driven economy better.” But anger has erupted over the plans, with Craig Mackinlay, chair of the Conservative net zero scrutiny group, claiming "hugely expensive" heat pumps are "untried and unwanted".
Posted on: Mar 30 14:48
Flying off on a trip will not be happening for one new dad: 'Doesn't work that way' A young dad's wings have been clipped.
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Posted on: Mar 30 13:15
According to the BBC, the "royal lives" clause used in the agreement date back to the 17th century but are rarely used. "I can’t think of a more naked attempt to circumvent the will of the voters and the will of the Florida Legislature," said newly appointed board member Brian Aungst Jr. "That is offensive to me." "This essentially makes Disney the government," said borad member Ron Peri during Wednesday's meeting.
Posted on: Mar 30 13:14
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton are among stars who have had unconventional relationships Selena Gomez made headlines when she jokingly declared that she was in a "throuple" with Brooklyn Beckham and his wife Nicola Peltz Beckham.
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Posted on: Mar 30 13:13
Rep. Jamaal Bowman was shouting in front of a throng of reporters before Rep. Thomas Massie challenged him
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Posted on: Mar 30 13:11
Arizona Democrats want to block third-party group No Labels from ballot to protect President Biden's re-election chances
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Posted on: Mar 30 13:09
A woman rides the “elevator of death” in Prague, also called Pater Noster which means “our father” since the elevators resemble a rosary…it’s a loop of open cabins and dates back to the 19th century. You hop in and out but can’t ever stop it.
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Posted on: Mar 30 13:07