"If it fits in a 30 second sound byte, it isn't history, it is propaganda." -- Michael Rivero

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Video streaming platform Rumble published a video this week of former Google vice president of search products Marissa Mayer admitting that Google Search provides rigged search results. Google, which owns Rumble competitor YouTube, "arranges" the results on its search page in such a way as to prioritize the official narrative on a given issue or topic, Mayer said. And in all cases, Google's products are shown at the very top of any search so they will receive the most hits.

Security experts issued a warning to Google Chrome users after uncovering a cyberattack targeting the browser, as well as Microsoft's Word and OneDrive apps.

The attack has used fake error messages to trick users into installing the malicious software themselves as a 'fix.' 

Not A Single American Has Received Bidens High-Speed Internet Despite $42.5 Billion Funding In 2021 Ladylove
by Tyler Durden

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr slammed the Biden administration on Friday - writing on X that President Joe Biden has yet to connect a single American with hi

McDonald’s is reportedly planning to end its artificial intelligence-powered automated drive-thru order-taking experiment at more than 100 locations after angry customers reported receiving items they didn’t order.

The gaffes included adding nine sweet teas to one customer’s order and giving another customer an ice cream cone topped with bacon.

The Chicago-based fast food chain and IBM partnered on the pilot program two years ago at select franchises.

One of the largest banks in the US says it has suffered a security breach as a notorious hacker claims sensitive data on thousands of account holders is now for sale.

North Carolina-based lender Truist Bank just confirmed its systems were breached in October, reports tech news site Bleeping Computer.

"We should eliminate electronic voting machines. The risk of being hacked by humans or AI, while small, is still too high," Musk wrote on X in response to Kennedy's post.

In addition to paper ballots, Musk also suggested he supports voting in-person on one day, rather than early voting and voting by mail.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr on Friday wrote that President Joe Biden has not connected one American with high-speed internet with $42.5 billion in funding from the so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill.

“In 2021, the Biden Administration got $42.45 billion from Congress to deploy high-speed Internet to millions of Americans. Years later, it has not connected even 1 person with those funds. In fact, it now says that no construction projects will even start until 2025 at earliest,” the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioner wrote.

A new study has found that AI systems known as large language models (LLMs) can exhibit "Machiavellianism," or intentional and amoral manipulativeness, which can then lead to deceptive behavior.