"The rich love nobody better than those who make them richer still." -- Michael Rivero

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Yerevan's decision to recognize Palestinian statehood will cause a negative impact on its relations with Israel, Dmitry Gendelman, an adviser to the office of the Jewish prime minister has said.

"Armenia's recognition of the Palestinian state is a prize for terrorists and murderers from Hamas and other Palestinian groups. This step will have serious long-term consequences for Israel-Armenia relations," he wrote on his Telegram channel.

Electric Car Sales Plummet Across Europe malterwitty
Sales of electric vehicles plunged 12.5% across Europe last month, fuelled by a sharp drop-off of 30% in Germany and 12.5% in the Netherlands.
European newspaper says citizens better get used to not having electricity all the time MikeRivero

One of the biggest newspapers in the Netherlands is warning its readers that Dutch citizens should get accustomed to the notion that electricity will not always be available to them in the future.


China's Ministry of Commerce has expressed concerns that the European Union's ongoing intensification of trade disputes could potentially lead to a "trade war."

The European Commission recently suggested imposing tariffs as high as 38.1% on electric vehicle (EV) imports from China, a move that has sparked objections from Beijing. The decision has strained trade relations, raising the prospect of of retaliatory measures from China, the world's second-largest economy.

Shortly after midnight, several masked men in boats began removing orange navigational aids on the Narva River that separates Estonia from Russia — a watercourse which demarcates the extent of NATO’s reach.

Even that late in the day it’s twilight in northern Europe at the end of May, leaving the Russian border guards who were working to lift the markers clearly visible to the watching Estonian authorities. 

It is a terrifying showdown, an epic moment of truth that threatens to blow up the EU, trigger another Eurozone crisis and, just three days into his prime ministership, throw Sir Keir Starmer’s immigration and trade plans into disarray. In two weeks’ time, France will have either elected the most radical Right-wing populist government ever to control a nuclear power, opted for a rabidly anti-capitalist, anti-Western, far-Left coalition, or proved itself to be entirely ungovernable. 

Moscow demands that Washington withdraw all US nuclear weapons from Europe and eliminate the infrastructure for their deployment, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a briefing.

Khashoggi versus 50,000 Slaughtered Yemeni Children MikeRivero

Europe has no morals, no ethics no nothing. Europe, represented by Brussels, and in Brussels by the non-elected European Commission (EC), for all practical purposes is a mere nest of worms, or translated into humans, a nest of white-collar criminals, politicians, business people and largely a brainwashed populace of nearly 500 million. There are some exceptions within the population and fortunately their pool of ‘awakened’ is gently growing.

by Tyler Durden

Russian President Vladimir Putin is in Vietnam, where he signed at least a dozen energy and trade deals with the country's President To Lam, on his tour to shore up ties in Asia in