"Any ruler who decides to start a war has made the conscious decision to send a million of his own people to their deaths, for his own profit." -- Michael Rivero

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“Let me be clear, we reject the ICC’s application for arrest warrants against Israeli leaders,” U.S. President Joe Biden told his audience at a Jewish American Heritage Month event at the White House on Monday. 

How does this end? With Hamas holding firm and fighting back in Gaza, Israel faces only bad options


The Israeli military said Thursday that its troops continued operating in Gaza’s southern city of Rafah, in central Gaza and in Jabaliya.


Updated 7:10 AM CDT, May 23, 2024 


Before we dive in, a bit of history is in order: The year was 1066, when Jews first arrived on the British Isles following the Norman Conquest. History tells us that for over a century, they thrived as moneylenders, but a wave of antisemitic riots, starting at King Richard I's coronation banquet, quickly changed their situation.

Although the new king opposed the rioters and even issued a protection decree for the Jews, the locals, eager to cancel their debts, continued their murderous rampages.

Israeli forces kill dozens of Palestinians in strikes across Gaza Strip

The attacks come as Israeli ground forces push farther into the overcrowded southern city of Rafah.

Palestinians sit by the rubble of a family house that was hit overnight in an Israeli bombardment in the Tal as-Sultan neighbourhood of Rafah in southern Gaza [AFP]