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The Telegraph, Citing Anonymous Sources, Claims Hezbollah 'Storing Missiles and Explosives at Lebanon's Main Airport' ChrisMenahan

The UK paper The Telegraph, citing exclusively anonymous sources, ran an article on Sunday with no named author claiming Hezbollah is "storing missiles and explosives at Lebanon's main airport."

The report reads like pure propaganda and Israel swiftly shared the report on their official X account to provide a pretext for blowing the airport up.

The Air Transport Union in Lebanon denied the report and invited foreign media outlets to tour the airport "with their camera crews and verify for themselves."

They derided The Telegraph's report as an "incitement to kill us."

Hezbollah To Hit Israel Nuclear Site, Oil Refineries If IDF Attacks Lebanon? New Drone Video Threat MikeRivero

A US base in western Syria’s Homs province came under a drone attack, according to local sources on Sunday.

The suicide drone was shot down by US soldiers at the base in al-Tanf area near the border with Jordan late Saturday, the sources said.

No injuries were reported.

The US base came under a similar drone attack last April 7.

Groups backed by Iran occasionally target American bases on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River using missiles and suicide drones.

The myth of Israeli democracy died in Gaza and Israels hasbara will never recover MikeRivero

Miscreants, as we know, tend to resist accusations that they’ve done wrong: they invent alibis, deny key facts, plead confusion, or make other excuses for their conduct. But Israel’s distinctive form of “affirmative denial” runs deeper, and sweeps more broadly, Saree Makdisi shows in Tolerance Is a Wasteland: Palestine and the Culture of Denial.

Russia’s intervention in Ukraine was triggered by the irresponsible and provocative rhetoric of US President Joe Biden and his administration about Kiev joining NATO, Donald Trump has said.

Trump, who is seeking a rematch with Biden for the presidency in November, made the comments during a conversation on foreign policy with ‘All-In’ podcast co-host David Sacks on Thursday.

China's chokehold over U.S. military supplies leaves the West at the mercy of Beijing in the event of an all out war, a former army general has warned.

In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, retired U.S. Army Major General John G. Ferrari said he had 'grave concerns' about the America's ongoing reliance on China to equip its military.

Israels isolation: An anti-Semitic horror story or inevitable outcome? MikeRivero

Since the beginning of the war between Israel and Hamas last October, Bolivia and Colombia have severed their ties with the Jewish state. Chile, Jordan, and Brazil have recalled their ambassadors, whereas Türkiye has ceased its economic cooperation with Israel, in response to its brutality in Gaza.

Almost ten months have passed since Israel launched its war on Gaza following the deadly Hamas attack of October 7, which claimed the lives of more than 1,500 people and injured over 5,000 others.

For the fifth time since 2008, Russia has proposed to negotiate with the U.S. over security arrangements, this time in proposals made by President Vladimir Putin on June 14, 2024. Four previous times, the U.S. rejected the offer of negotiations in favor of a neocon strategy to weaken or dismember Russia through war and covert operations. The U.S. neocon tactics have failed disastrously, devastating Ukraine in the process, and endangering the whole world.