"Every revolution begins with a single act of defiance" -- Mahatma Gandhi

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News about NATO

The Danger of Nuclear War 

The use of nuclear weapons is on the drawing board of the Pentagon. It has the support of the U.S State Department. 

Meanwhile legislation is being put forward in the U.S. Congress to initiate World War III. 

by Tyler Durden


Update (1345ET): Legal minds are beside themselves at how the judge in the Trump 'hush money' case has instructed jurors to rule - first in what constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley called "the coup de grace instruction," Judge Juan Merchan said that there is no need to agree on what occurred - and can disagree on what the crime was among the charges. 

U.S.: Russian Subs in Atlantic More Active Than Weve Seen Them in Years MikeRivero

Russia has increased its submarine presence in the Atlantic at a higher level than ever in recent years, the top U.S. officer overseeing operations in Europe said Wednesday, citing one of several examples contradicting conclusions that the military loyal to Russian President Vladimir Putin has been severely degraded by his war in Ukraine.

“The Russians have been more active than we’ve seen them in years,” Army Gen. Chris Cavoli, the top commander for NATO and U.S. military operations in Europe, told Congress on Wednesday of Moscow’s undersea capabilities.

In case of an attack, Russia will act ‘as the situation demands,’ and its response may be truly devastating, said Konstantin Gavrilov, head of Russia’s delegation to the Vienna talks on military security and arms control.

Historians and political scientists in the West have finally grasped that NATO’s post-Cold War expansion led to conflict in Europe, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said, adding that this expansion was driven by Washington’s “irresistible desire” to dominate the continent.

The Russian Armed Forces have attacked the Yavorovsky training ground and logistics center in the Lviv region of Ukraine. The strike was carried out by a hypersonic Kinzhal missile.

 The base that was attacked is one of THREE (3) major NATO centers inside Ukraine:

At the time of the attack, instructors from NATO countries and more than 300 military personnel were at the training ground. Preliminarily,  100+  foreigners died.  

Vice-Admiral Sir Clive Johnstone, former Commander of NATO’s Maritime Command, who died on May 16th, 2024 said in a recent interview with IHS Jane’s that the Alliance sees “more activity from Russian submarines than we’ve seen since the days of the Cold War.


NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is facing calls for his resignation after arguing that Ukraine should be given dispensation to use supposedly defensive Western-supplied missiles to attack targets in the Russian mainland.

With Moscow continuing to make territorial advances as the war in Ukraine grinds on, Stoltenberg argued over the weekend that one reason for the disparity in battlefield success is that Kyiv is prohibited from using NATO-supplied missiles and other weapons to attack targets within Russia.