"I am not a victim of gun violence. Because the one time I needed it, I had a gun!" -- Michael Rivero

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The victim thought she was being punched until she saw blood coming from one of the wounds

A Florida man has been arrested after he allegedly stabbed a woman several times with a knife "because he wanted to" after following her out of a Naples Walgreens, according to the Collier County Sheriff's Office.

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Posted on: Nov 30 10:08

Israel Defense Forces shot and killed the two suspected Hamas terrorists at the Givat Shaul junction

A shooting at a bus station near Jerusalem on Thursday morning left three Israelis dead and 11 others with various injuries.

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Posted on: Nov 30 09:49

Erik Charles Maund, whose family built the lucrative Maund Automotive Group in Austin, Texas, was found guilty of orchestrating a murder-for-hire plot

A married Texas businessman and father of two was entangled with a Nashville, Tennessee, escort and then blackmailed by her on-and-off-again lover.

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Posted on: Nov 30 09:44

Democrats have long claimed red states are more dangerous than blue states

A Republican senator and Yale School of Public Health dean recently sparred on gun crime, and one expert told Fox News Digital it was an example of how the left frames data in a way that misleadingly makes it seem like Republican-controlled areas are most plagued by crime. 

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Posted on: Nov 30 09:39

Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Israel on Thursday for his fourth visit to the Jewish State since Hamas launched its terror attack on Oct. 7.

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Posted on: Nov 30 09:37

Former President Donald Trump touted an endorsement from a former leader of Black Lives Matter on Wednesday, saying that he was “very honored” to have his endorsement as well as “BLM’s support.”

Mark Fisher, who Fox News reports is the co-founder of Black Lives Matter Rhode Island, told the network that the Democrat Party was “not for” black people and that they were hypocrites.

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Posted on: Nov 30 06:35

The Department of Justice appears to have collected information on anyone who liked, followed, or retweeted Donald Trump’s Twitter account — among other actions in connection to the former president’s social media — in the days leading up to the January 6 U.S. Capitol breach.

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Posted on: Nov 30 06:33

Michigan's Prior Lake Fire Department received the unusual call on Monday morning after the buck was spotted struggling on the ice

Firefighters were on thin ice-literally- as they rescued a stranded deer that was stuck in the middle of a Michigan lake.

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Posted on: Nov 30 06:32

North Macedonia, which currently holds OSCE chair, briefly suspended ban on Russian flights to allow Lavrov entry

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Posted on: Nov 30 06:31

In an exclusive clip, The Simpsons take on their most terrifying Treehouse of Horror foes yet: Donald Trump and the 2020 presidential election.

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Posted on: Nov 30 01:06

The last of the halfway competent globalists who have managed America's decline since the 1960s are all dying.

George Soros, 93, handed over his $24 billion empire to his idiot son Alex earlier this year and now Henry Kissinger is dead.

Posted on: Nov 29 22:17

'The U.S. Government chose for months to hold secret negotiations and refused to share any details with us,' lead industry groups say in joint statement

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Posted on: Nov 29 22:01

Henry Kissinger died at his home in Connecticut

Henry Kissinger, the German-born American diplomat, academic and presidential adviser who served as secretary of state for two presidents and left his stamp on U.S. foreign policy for decades died Wednesday at the age of 100.

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Posted on: Nov 29 21:48

Elon Musk on Wednesday told advertisers trying to "blackmail" him with ad money to "Go f**k yourself."

"Don't advertise," Musk said during an interview at the 2023 New York Times Dealbook Summit. "If someone is going to try and blackmail me with advertising? Blackmail me with money? Go f**k yourself. Go f**k yourself, is that clear?"

"Hey Bob, if you're in the audience. That's how I feel, don't advertise," Musk said, referring to Disney CEO Bob Iger who said in a speech earlier at the same summit that he pulled Disney ads from X.

Musk also said, "I have no problem being hated. Hate away."

Posted on: Nov 29 18:31

The neighbor in the Connecticut suburb of Milford told police he felt he only had one chance to stop the suspect before the attack escalated

A good Samaritan apparently stopped a knife attack that could have been fatal, according to Connecticut police.

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Posted on: Nov 29 13:26

Israel has announced Wednesday that a terrorist group commander has been killed during a military operation in the West Bank. 

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Posted on: Nov 29 12:37

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan , who has been a vocal critic of Israel since the war against Hamas started, is now calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the “butcher of Gaza.” 

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Posted on: Nov 29 12:29

An Israeli government spokesperson said Wednesday that 161 hostages remain held by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas inside of the Gaza Strip. 

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Posted on: Nov 29 11:47

Alabama's attorney general argued, 'Levine has been at the forefront of the Biden Administration’s reckless promotion of sex-modification procedures for children'

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Posted on: Nov 29 10:58

An Israeli government spokesperson said Wednesday that 161 hostages remain held by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas inside of the Gaza Strip. 

Eylon Levy told reporters that the figure includes 146 Israelis and 15 foreigners, of whom 126 are men and 35 are women. There are still four children under the age of 18, and 10 people aged 75 and older. 

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Posted on: Nov 29 10:44

In light of his recent inflammatory, hateful comments, the Illuminati has made the decision to end our relationship with Ye, formerly known as Kanye West. West’s abhorrent, anti-Semitic remarks are unacceptable, and starkly go against the values of our global shadow regime.

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Posted on: Nov 29 08:55

From a creepy babysitter to a home invasion, there are plenty of terrifying non-"Treehouse of Horror" Simpsons episodes to enjoy this Halloween.

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Posted on: Nov 29 08:47

Katie Ferguson, 33, disappeared during a cross-country trip in a case eerily similar to Gabby Petito

A mom of two vanished during a cross-country trip from Alabama to Wyoming while she was with her ex-boyfriend, who has been charged with an unrelated federal crime.

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Posted on: Nov 29 07:34

The V-22 Osprey aircraft crashed off Yakushima Island in Japan

A U.S. military V-22 Osprey aircraft with six people aboard crashed off the coast of western Japan on Wednesday, according to a report from The Associated Press.

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Posted on: Nov 29 07:31

Actor and comedian Jon Lovitz fired back on Tuesday at critics who have attacked him for his staunch support of Israel.

In the weeks since the brutal October 7 attack, during Which Hamas terrorists crossed the border into Israel and killed more than 1,200 people — most of them civilians — Lovitz has been vocal in his support for Israel and his condemnation of anyone who stands with Hamas.

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Posted on: Nov 29 07:28

Actress Cynthia Nixon, known for starring in the HBO show "Sex and the City" and its new spin-off, joined a hunger strike alongside politicians and activists demanding President Biden establish a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

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Posted on: Nov 29 07:27

Parents slammed a tourist attraction in New York City called Disney’s The Santa Clauses’ Winter Wonderland as a “s*** show” after shelling out money to take their kids through the “frustrating” experience, according to the New York Post.

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Posted on: Nov 29 07:25

The Lebanese television channel for the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah released a news segment showing the Bahamas-flagged Galaxy Leader cargo ship that Yemeni Houthi terrorists hijacked last week.

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Posted on: Nov 29 07:23

Sustainable aviation fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by around 70%

LONDON (AP) — The first commercial airliner to cross the Atlantic on a purely high-fat, low-emissions fuel flew Tuesday from London to New York in a step toward achieving what supporters called "jet zero."

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Posted on: Nov 28 21:53

Newsom admitted to clearing out encampments in San Francisco ahead of the APEC conference where President Biden met with President Xi Jinping of China.

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Posted on: Nov 28 21:09