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"One good thing about being a Muslim woman is you never have to worry about having a bad hair day!" -- Claire Rivero
"And what sort of lives do these people, who pose as being moral, lead themselves? My dear fellow, you forget that we are in the native land of the hypocrite." -- Oscar Wilde
"Heaven is purpose and principle. Purgatory is paper and procedure. Hell is rules and regulation." -- Dee Hock


Of the 270 pages of FBI files which were the topic of several newspaper articles in early September, a substantial portion of the documents focus on the SCLC and its activities during 1967-1969. Dr. King in early 1967, had come out solidly in opposition to the U.S. occupation of Vietnam and described the war as an “enemy of the poor.”

Claude Josephine Rose "Claudia" Cardinal (born 15 April 1938) is an Italian film actress. He has starred in several acclaimed European films of the 1960s and 1970s, starring in Italian, French and English language films.

Born and raised in La Goulet, a Tunisian neighborhood, Cardinale won the "Most Beautiful Italian Girl in Tunisia" contest in 1957, the award in the form of a trip to Italy, which quickly led to film contracts, topped by Franco's. The partnership led to Cristaldi, who served as his mentor for many years and later married him.

Medical science in the early parts of the 20th century had advanced greatly since the days of the medieval leech, but even so, most treatments and medical equipment were misguided and often barbaric by our modern standards.

Sounds good to mean, bizarre contraptions were created, claiming to help sick patients. A bit of pseudoscience and quackery were also added to the mix.

In 1966, Italy was shaken by a woman's daring efforts to challenge the country's treatment of rape victims – lessons whose lessons are sadly still relevant.

Franca Viola became the first Italian woman to refuse a "rehabilitation marriage" ("matrimonio reparator" in Italian) with her victim after being kidnapped and raped. She was one of the first Italian women who was raped and publicly refused to marry her rapist.


In 1996 TWA Flight 800 was shot down south of Long Island.

The government of the United States, despite the embarrassment of having been caught in court rigging lab tests and lying in its reports, still officially attributes the disaster to a spark in the center fuel tank, while government spokespeople insist that the witnesses who saw a missile hit the jumbo jet are all drunks.

As a quick refresher, TWA Flight 800 left JFK airport in New York en route to Paris on July 17, 1996. Twelve minutes after its 8:19 departure the ill-fated 747 blew up off the south coast of Long Island, killing all 230 souls aboard.

The suit wastes no time in establishing its central argument: “After the incident, the federal government released a false report contending that the explosion was the result of an electrical fire in the airplane’s center.” The real cause, the suit argues, was “an errant United States missile fired at aerial target drones flying nearby.”

Two missiles were fired. Over his headset, Teele heard the announcement, “Birds away.” A few minutes later, he heard “Splash,” meaning the missiles had hit the target. Soon after that, he heard someone say, “Wo, wo, wo.” And another person added, “Wait a minute. We hit an Airbus.”

When Russian President Vladimir Putin granted citizenship to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden on Monday, the news revived a long-simmering debate about the propriety of his revelations of U.S. government secrets. At the same time, it prompted reiterations of a widely-embraced falsehood: that Snowden “fled to Russia.”

Joseph Stalin

Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili A revolutionary turned Soviet leader turned brutal dictator known as Joseph Stalin. He first began to use the name, which was inspired by the Russian word for steel and which meant it, after publishing his better work, Marxism and The National Question, which had previously been under other pen names such as Soselo and Koba. was published under

During the Victorian era of the 1800s, Napoleon's conquest of Egypt opened the doors of Egyptian history to Europeans. At the time, mummies were not given the respect they deserved from the European aristocracy and, in fact, mummies could be bought (as shown in the picture) from street vendors as main events for parties and social gatherings. used as. In the 18th century.