Thought for the day

"When people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is more tyranny. Apologies to Thomas Jefferson!" -- Michael Rivero
"A rocket will never be able to leave Earth's atmosphere." -- New York Times, 1936


Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser on Aug. 11 renewed her call for U.S. military assistance to deal with the surge of illegal immigrants the nation’s capital has encountered after governors of border states began busing the immigrants to the city.

The State of Arizona has broken from the Biden administration and is taking action to mitigate the flow of illegal immigrants into the state. 

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) announced on Friday that his state had begun emergency construction on the 1,000-foot-long gap in the border wall in the Yuma sector. Ducey signed an executive order on Friday afternoon, authorizing the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs to begin construction.

A former leader of the U.S. Border Patrol ridiculed NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ response to Texas bussing illegal aliens there.

“You see the mayor of New York City have the audacity to whine and complain that a couple hundred migrants showing up on buses from Texas is going to overwhelm the New York City system?” remarked former Border Patrol chief Rodney Scott. “Yeah, get real!”

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) is again requesting President Joe Biden deploy the National Guard to help deal with the illegal immigration “crisis,” as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) continues busing migrants to the sanctuary city.

George Hunt was present at the ‘Fourth World Wilderness Congress’ in 1987 and noticed that it had very little to do with the conventional environment movement and was surprised to see people like Maurice Strong, Edmund de Rothschild (Pilgrims Society), David Rockefeller (Pilgrims Society), and James A. Baker (Pilgrims Society; Cap & Gown; trustee American Institute for Contemporary German Studies; Atlantic Council of the United States; National Security Planning Group; Bohemian Grove; CFR; Carlyle; advisor George W. Bush in his 2000 election).

Preliminary data obtained by The Center Square from a U.S. Border Patrol agent show apprehensions and gotaways at the southern border total 232,809 in June.

This includes 188,787 encounters/apprehensions and at least 44,022 gotaways.

The preliminary data excludes Office of Field Operations data, meaning the official numbers, once released, will be higher, although U.S. Customs and Border Protection doesn’t make the gotaway data public.

Yuval Noah Harari, historian, futurist, and World Economic Forum (WEF) adviser, said, “We just don’t need the vast majority of the population” in the early 21st century given modern technologies’ rendering human labor economically and militarily “redundant.”

During the Trump administration, the Remain in Mexico policy was put in place as a means of avoiding chaos in the immigration process.

In a nutshell, Remain in Mexico ensured that migrants seeking asylum in the United States had to wait outside of the nation ahead of their legal hearings. Naturally, this was criticized by Democrats.

At least 2 million attempts to illegally cross the US border have been registered in the 19 months Joe Biden has been president, in what investigative journalist Mark Dankof calls an attempt to change the country's demographics for future political gains.