Thought for the day

"One good thing about being a Muslim woman is you never have to worry about having a bad hair day!" -- Claire Rivero
"And what sort of lives do these people, who pose as being moral, lead themselves? My dear fellow, you forget that we are in the native land of the hypocrite." -- Oscar Wilde
"Heaven is purpose and principle. Purgatory is paper and procedure. Hell is rules and regulation." -- Dee Hock


The Warsaw Uprising of 1944 was a heroic and tragic 63-day struggle to liberate World War II Warsaw from German occupation.

The uprising began on 1 August 1944 as part of the nationwide Operation Tempest launched at the time of the Soviet Lublin–Brest Offensive.

The main Polish objective was to drive Germany out of Warsaw, while helping the Allies defeat Germany. An additional, political goal of the Polish Underground state was to liberate the capital of Poland and claim Polish sovereignty before the Soviet-backed Polish Committee for National Liberation assumed control.

The pattern of the 1957 Influenza outbreak is largely similar to that of COVID-19. A new and deadly strain of flu emerges in Asia, then spreads around the world and arrives in the United States. Pandemic has been declared.

The new virus was first reported in 1957 in Singapore, in February of the same year, and then made its way to Hong Kong. In June, the disease reached America.

Sophia Loren (born 1934, Rome, Italy), is an Italian film actress who rose from poverty-stricken origins in post-war Naples to be recognized as one of Italy's most beautiful women and its most famous film star. .

She was named by the American Film Institute as one of the greatest female stars of classical Hollywood cinema.


Renee Bethia (born 1909) was the last person to be publicly killed in the United States. An African-American man, about 26 years old, confessed to the rape and murder of a 70-year-old white woman named Licia Edwards, and was publicly hanged in Owensboro, Kentucky after pleading guilty to her rape Went.

Mistakes in the executions and the surrounding media circus contributed to the end of public executions in the United States.

Many Americans first encountered the phrase "The American Way" on giant billboards that had spread to hundreds of American cities and towns by 1938.

While shopping for groceries, going to work, or entering an empty stretch of highway, they're suddenly struck by a giant tableau of a cheerful American family greeting Dad at the end of the workday, or a family gathering. Were taking a Sunday drive with the dog.

This photo was taken by Dorothea Lange in 1936, while employed by the US government's Farm Security Administration (FSA) program, which was formed to raise awareness of and support poor farmers during the Great Depression.

In Nipomo, California, Lang came with Florence Owens Thompson and her children to a camp full of farm workers whose livelihoods had been devastated by the failure of pea crops.

This interesting photo, taken in 1919, shows New York Central Railroad employees at a celebration at Victory Way, showing a pyramid of recovered German helmets in front of Grand Central Terminal. At the end of the war there were over 12,000 German Pickelhausen on the pyramid, shipped from warehouses in Germany.

Victory Way was established on Park Avenue to raise funds for the 5th War Loan, and a pyramid of 12,000 helmets was built at each end, along with other German war equipment. There is a hollow supporting structure under the helmet.